R3 Macro Progression 1

R3 Macro Progression 1

11 Seasons

Begin with The Info Sessions then move into the Assess and Access Phase. The first and most important thing to do is use the You Know When 10 (YKW10) Assessment to define the roadmap for your training. You will also return to this assessment at the end of each Block and Phase to measure your improved ranges. This Phase also includes Better Breathing Tactics and How To Stack, both of which will serve you long after this Phase. Once you've spent 4 weeks with your Personal Protocol, ACCESS your capacities with Personalized Physical Preparation (PPP) for 4-11 weeks, mixing in any Protocol movements you still need to address your relative biomechanics .

Phase 2 is called the BASEics where you activate your Base Strength and reduce Bilateral Deficits while improving Proprioceptive Awareness with Accumulation. This Phase should take 4-11 weeks.

The Control Phase integrates and progresses your Strength Capacity while improving Proprioceptive Awareness with Intensification and a focus on Deceleration for 4-11 weeks.

Phase 4 - Chaos - uses your Strength (Tension) Capacity with Acceleration (Speed) and Force (Torque) generation through a full range of motion which improves your ballistic power capacities.

Finally, the Championship Phase improves your plyo-power capacities and sharpens your Relative Readiness by maximizing your ability to create rapid tension with elasticity for improved Mass Specific Force Free Energy with rapid repetitions. This Phase should last 4-11 weeks.

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R3 Macro Progression 1