Relative Run Readiness

$25 a month after 14-day free trial

Relative Run Readiness is our passion project developed over the last 20 years by runners for runners just like you.

At R3 we know that running is so much more than a way to burn calories. We believe that everyone should be able to experience the joy running brings us whether we are just starting out, returning to our running journey, or aiming for a podium position.

The problem we can encounter is a limitation to our capacities, resulting in injuries and performance plateaus that can derail us from our goals and keep us from doing what we love... running.

That is why we developed R3. We know that getting stronger allows us to go longer and faster. Most strength programs are focused on aesthetics, involve complex movements that do not relate to our gait, and require far too much time and energy in the gym. R3 takes the guesswork out by focusing on movements and progressions that are specifically designed to serve our running goals.

We believe R3 is the only program of its kind that starts you off with an assessment that helps you put a personal protocol signature on your program and progresses you to a new level of success.

Best in running,
R3 - Matt, Chad, & Bill

  • The Info Sessions

    7 videos

    Start here. It'll tell you more about how to use R3.

  • Better Breathing & Stacking

    11 videos

    This may be the most important part of your training. Using and mastering these targeted breathing techniques will help you maintain proper form in strength training and performance.

  • You Know When 10

    10 videos

    Train to what is relative based on who you are (The Person), your biomechanics (The Body) and, finally, relative to your sport or activity (The Athlete).

    Your Protocol Progression learned from the You Know When 10 series. What you learn from the self-assessments in this series will show you how ...

  • R3 Macro Progression 1

    11 seasons

    Begin with The Info Sessions then move into the Assess and Access Phase. The first and most important thing to do is use the You Know When 10 (YKW10) Assessment to define the roadmap for your training. You will also return to this assessment at the end of each Block and Phase to measure your impr...

  • SPP Protocol

    8 videos